The Cross-Border Road Transport Agency 


The Cross-Border Road Transport Agency (C-BRTA) is an Agency of the National Department of Transport in South Africa and exists to improve the flow of cross-border road transport, trade and passengers in the region; and to reduce bottlenecks and operational constraints affecting cross-border operations. The Agency is tasked to provide advice and information to stakeholders in the cross-border value chain in order to address Non-Tariff Barriers (NTBs)and bottlenecks, enhance harmonisation of instruments and the operating environment, improve the performance of the cross-border road transport system and facilitate the unimpeded flow of trade in the region.  


To effectively facilitate cross-border operations and trade, it is important that stakeholders have access to information and real-time data in order to identify areas which require intervention, and design fit-for-purpose solutions.


This information platform provides trade and transport information and realtime data focusing on: trade and transport instruments, trade flow between countries in different RECs of Africa and the rest of the World, trade opportunities, logistics performance, performance of key corridors, border posts and seaports, corridor conditions, NTBs and news on latest developments in different RECs and the African continent at large, amongst others. The information platform is regularly updated with recent information and data, for the benefit of stakeholders in the cross-border value chain.

Our legislative mandate

Improve the unimpeded flow of freight and commuters across the SADC region.
Introduce regulated competition in respect of cross-border passenger road transport.
Reduce operational constraints for the cross-border road transport industry as a whole.
Maximise business opportunities and liberalise market access in respect of cross-border road freight transport.
Empower the cross-border road transport industry by improving the safety, security, reliability, quality and efficiency of services.



To drive an integrated African continent through excellence in cross border road transport economic regulation, law enforcement, advisory and facilitation of unimpeded flow of goods and people.